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George Chatzianagnostou
125 National Resistance
16122 Kaisariani
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Real Estate Brokers ANDREADELI STELLA Established 1996 History Our company since 1996 providing services to any natural or legal person irrespective of nationality, citizenship, or religion, respecting the relevant laws of the Greek State and the European Union. We are a council member of the Association of Realtors Athens-Attica S.M.A.S.A.A No Certification 1426. The strike authorization profession METIERS Prefecture of Attica met to base PD 248/93 Gazette 108 28-6-1993 for Realtors and the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act and the Civil Code brokerage-Procurement. Targeting is our ultimate service and customer satisfaction with integrated services until the final delivery of the property - land to the interested buyer. Our Services: A The assessment of any property-land. B management of real estate in Greece and abroad. C Research and Data Analysis of the Greek Real Estate. D Dealing property between the buyer - seller. E The certificates - certificates for the transfer (sale) property. Our daily cooperation with banks, owners, builders, accountants, notaries, lawyers, buyers and sellers of property-allow us immediate notification and treatment and identify the needs of modern business - a private party for a sound and complete service to individual records issues relating to the property market throughout the Greek territory. We are at your disposal for any further information and cooperation. Sincerely Andreadeli Stella Working Hours Monday ? Satrurday 9.30 - 16.30 125 National Resistance Kaisariani Athens Greece pc161-22 Tel 0030-210-7245371 Fax 0030-210-7254371
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